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Training by Visual Editor Consultants

Small Class Size, A Computer for Every Student, Taught by MCNP Experts, Excellent Training Materials for Future Reference


Anywhere! Any Time!  Any Topic!

In a tight economy, every cost is scrutinized.  Travel budgets are cut.  Training is rationed.  Deadlines, however, still need to be met.  Onsite training by Visual Editor Consultants is the best deal you will find anywhere.

For a guaranteed minimum of three students (additional students at the regular tuition rate), we will come to your location.  The cost is no greater than sending them to one of our regular classes but you won't have the travel costs and you can design the content that meets your needs.  You can even bring in an input file that your company needs to create and have our expert instructor work with your group of three or more for a week to create it.


Any Time!

Workshops are scheduled by contacting Randy to discuss a date that works for you.

Any Topic!


The cost is $500 per day per participant ($600 per day per participant outside the United States). 


For example:


$500 * 3 participants * 5 days = $7500  (in the United States)

$600 * 3 participants * 5 days = $9000 (anywhere outside the United States)

Examples of Onsite Classes Taught

2016.11.28.Tokyo_Onsite Onsite for Tepsys, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016
Click here for class page.

Tokyo _banner
2016.11.Chicago Class Picture Onsite for Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL, November 2016
Click here for class page.

Chicago banner
Onsite NASA Onsite for NASA, Glenn Research Center, Cleavland, OH, June 2016
Click here for class page.
Korea Onsite Onsite for Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, South Korea, November 2015.  Click here for class page.

Daejeon banner


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