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Training by Visual Editor Consultants

Small Class Size, A Computer for Every Student, Taught by MCNP Experts, Excellent Training Materials for Future Reference

Beginning Visual MCNP

Outline of Course Content

United States classes are typically held from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM with an hour for lunch. European classes run from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Below is a detailed description of the class. 

Day 1

The first day introduces the user to MCNP and the Visual Editor. 

MCNP Topics Covered in Day 1:

   Introduction to MCNP

   Visualizing MCNP Input Files

   Simple Geometries in MCNP


Visual Editor Topics Covered in Day 1:

Basic Plotting Advanced Plotting Displaying Surfaces Displaying Cells
Creating a Simple Geometry      

Day 2

The second day adds more advanced geometries with materials.

MCNP Topics Covered in Day 2:

   Creating Macrobody Geometries

   MCNP Cross sections and materials



Visual Editor Topics Covered in Day 2:

Error Recovery The Surface Wizard Review A more advanced Geometry
Using Macrobodies Using Materials Cross Section Plots  

Day 3

The third day teaches universes and lattices and criticality applications

MCNP Topics Covered in Day 3:

  MCNP transformations and universes

  Lattice Geometries




Visual Editor Topics Covered in Day 3:

Transformations Universes Review Displaying Lattices
Creating Lattices Running a Lattice KCODE KCODE  

Day 4

The fourth day teaches the creation and display of sources and tallies.

MCNP Topics Covered in Day 4:

  General Source (SDEF)



Visual Editor Topics Covered in Day 4:

Displaying a Source Creating a Source Running MCNP Visual Editor Input files Making Tally Plots
  Output Visualization More Output Visualization More Output Visualization

Day 5

The fifth day teaches importances, cell splitting, and visualization.  

  Variance Reduction

  Collision Plotting

  Particle Display

  3-D Ray Tracing


Importances Cell Splitting Particle Track Plotting Making 3D Plots