(32 Cont. Ed. credits through American Academy of Health Physics.  Click here for AAHP Site .  Workshop number is 2011-00-022)

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Important Dates

Workshop Date:  July 29-August 2, 2019

Last Date to Pay and receive the Early Payment Discount:   June 29, 2019

Last Date to Cancel registration for a cash refund:   June 29, 2019


Workshop Fees

If tuition is paid before the early payment discount date (see date above):  $2500

If tuition is paid after the early payment discount date (see date above): $2800

If tuition is paid after the class starts: $3000

 Workshop Description

Participants MUST get MCNP® from RSICC prior to the class.   Email proof by following the steps in this .pdf file.  You must email this proof to Randy Schwarz with your registration. 


This workshop will be taught using the latest version of MCNP6®.  This will provide a unique learning experience for those looking for a deeper understanding of the MCNP6® code.


Intermediate Workshops cover the entire spectrum of MCNP6® but proceed at a much faster pace and are more in-depth than Introductory Classes. These workshops are open to new users; the first day is a review of basics. However, the intermediate workshops are targeted toward more experienced users and are more problem solving than lecture classes. Intermediate workshops feature flexible course content, skip topics of least interest to the participants, and provide significantly more depth than introductory classes.


Monday – Review of Basics Introduction, input files, basic geometry, basic geometry plotting, basic sources, basic tallies. This is a good review for experienced users and essential for new users. Monday Challenge: Do you have an MCNP/5/6/X® problem that is giving you headaches? Give us a simplified version Monday and we will try to solve at least one for you or show you how to solve it by Thursday!


Tuesday – Beyond Basics Convergence – what is the slope test, what are those funny bar plots, and what to do about them?! Lattice / repeated structure geometries, advanced sources, advanced geometries, advanced tallies including pulse-height tallies, special tally treatments, point detectors, advanced visualization, plotting tallies, mesh tallies, run-time plotting.


Wednesday – Deeper Insight Physics: tables and models. Neutron, photon, electrons, protons more – up to 2200+ particles. Energies from 0 MeV to 1 GeV. What you need to know to avoid bad choices. Activation, delayed particles, correlating events, and whatever else participants desire. Plotting data and getting differential data information.


Thursday – Variance Reduction You can solve our “million year problem” making it fully converge and running 14 orders of magnitude faster with our many variance reduction techniques. Or you can try one of the “Monday Challenge” or other problems for hands-on experience with variance reduction techniques and coaching by experts. At one 2013 workshop a participant’s problem was sped up to be 42000 times faster and fully converged!


Friday – Criticality and More Criticality calculations and burnup and depletion. Perturbations. Surface source read and write. Topics of general interest raised by the participants during the week. Individual support on your specific problem.


The Intermediate Workshop is truly a hands-on workshop and not a lecture. We provide expertise that does not have to follow a script, but can take the participants anywhere they wish to go nearly everywhere in the world of MCNP®. After the first day each Intermediate Workshop is different, tailored to the specific needs and interests of those participating.  



The latest MCNP6® distributed by RSICC is used in this workshop. Additional MCNP6® Topics:

  • ACT card for controlling activation

  • Cyclic time-bin option

  • Photofission multiplicity option

  • Pulsed source options

  • Delayed-particle production

  • Tally tagging

  • Tally plot upgrades

  • LET tally

  • Focused beam sources

  • PTRAC coincidence option

  • MCPLOT arithmetic commands

  • LLNL photofission multiplicity option

  • Receiver-operator characterization (ROC) tally option

  • Pulse-height light tally: triple and quadruple coincidences

  • Time-dependent F8 tallies using the pulse-height light option

The class will be taught using the standard MCNP6® graphics package.  


Lodging and Facilities

This course will be held in Richland, WA at the Riverside Shilo Inn.  The hotel's website is here: https://www.richlandriverfronthotel.com/



To register, you must send proof that you are a licensed user of MCNP® to Randy Schwarz.  To do this, follow the instructions in this .pdf file.


After you have sent proof to Randy, you must also email the following information to Randy Schwarz (preferred) or call (509)539-8621 :

  • Employer
  • Citizenship
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Method of payment: check, wire transfer, or credit card.
  • Your version of MCNP®:  Follow these steps to mail proof to Randy:  Click Here for .pdf
  • Years of experience using MCNP®


Note:  In some cases it can take up to 45 days to get approved for this code.  Your registration can not be finalized until you have been approved for access to this code by RSICC.  Click Here to order the code from RSICC.


Method of Payment:

The workshop is five days long.


Payment for the workshop can be made by check, wire transfer, or VISA/Mastercard.


Payment by Check (preferred):

To pay by check, make checks out to Visual Editor Consultants (checks must be in US dollars on a check from a US bank). Send check to:

      Randy Schwarz

      P.O. Box 1308 

      Richland, WA 99352

      email:  RandySchwarz@mcnpvised.com


Payment by wire transfer (also preferred):

Email Randy for details.


Payment by Credit Card:

Please fill out the form and fax it to (509)946-2001.  Click here to download credit card payment form (.pdf format)  (Microsoft Word format).

Cancellation Policy

Payment will be refunded for cancellations received by the "Last Date to Cancel for a Refund" date. Cancellations received after that date will be rescheduled to the next available class but payment will not be refunded. Substitutions of a different employee from the same company are permitted with prior approval.

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